How to Get Your Gutters Ready for Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s about time for you to perform routine gutter maintenance. Your gutters play an important role in protecting your home year-round from the harsh Chicago snow to our springtime rain. The summer months are the perfect time to inspect and maintain your gutters and prepare for the upcoming summer storms.

The gutter installation team at K-Guard Chicago is here to help. To ensure your home’s gutters are properly working, here are our easy gutter maintenance tips to get you ready for the summer.


Remove Any Debris from Your Gutters

When gutters are left unattended, they tend to collect leaves, twigs, trash, and other debris throughout the year, often leading to clogged gutters. Clogged gutters are one of the most common gutter problems homeowners experience. However, you can avoid them altogether with some simple, routine maintenance.

It’s a good idea to inspect your home’s gutter system every few months to check for clogs. When there are any leaves, trash, or debris, you can dispose of them and test your gutters to make sure water flows properly. If you ever notice something is preventing water from draining out of your downspout, your gutters are most likely clogged.

To unclog your gutter downspout, you’ll want to remove as much debris from the bottom and the top of the downspout as possible. It might not be possible to reach through the entire gutter but using water pressure from a garden hose can help loosen, and hopefully remove, the blockage without requiring help from a professional.

At K-Guard, our seamless gutter system comes with a lifetime clog-free guarantee. We keep your gutters functioning longer than traditional gutters without needing to remove leaves and debris regularly. Our gutters are made using high-quality aluminum and wider openings to give you maintenance-free gutters.


Clean Your Gutters

Many people take advantage of the warm summer weather to clean the outside of their house, and gutters are no exception. Cleaning your gutters requires a little more attention than other parts of your home’s exterior due in part to the constant wear and tear. Your gutters protect your home from water damage and divert water away to keep it from flooding, so it’s important to keep them clean.

Once you have removed the leaves and debris from your gutter system, a thorough cleaning will help with your gutters’ overall function and appearance. We recommend spraying the inside and outside of your gutters with a garden hose to clear out any small debris leftover. Using a hose attachment for better water pressure can help remove any dirt build-up.

Cleaning your gutters not only keeps your home looking good on the outside; it allows you to check for any damage. A clean gutter makes it easier to notice any rust spots or holes you’ll need to repair. Gutters play an important part in keeping your home safe during storms. Routinely checking for damage is a proactive way to keep your home safe.


Check that Your Gutters are Working Properly

Traditional gutter systems typically don’t offer lifetime guarantees like the K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutter System. As a result, Chicago homeowners must routinely check to make sure their gutters perform as they should. It’s easy to notice some issues with improperly installed gutters, like water spilling over during heavy rain, not draining correctly, or pulling away from your home.

However, there are more serious gutter issues that homeowners can easily overlook. Knowing what to look for is essential to making sure your gutters are working properly.


Signs of Water Damage to Your Roof

As you get your gutters ready for summer, you’ll want to look for any signs of water damage to your roof or home. Gutters are designed to protect you from water damage, but they can begin to sag or separate over time, causing water damage. With K-Guard, we install our gutter systems above the floodplain, eliminating the possibility of water damage to your home. If you notice signs of water damage to your home or roof, you may need to call or repair your gutters.


Flooding Inside Your Home

Not only do gutters protect your home from water damage, but they also divert water away from your home. This keeps your basement from flooding during storms. Downspouts should push water about 10 feet away from your home, so if you notice flooding in your basement or lower levels, your gutters may be the culprit.


Flooding Around Your Downspouts

Again, downspouts should push water about ten feet away from your home. However, some people have noticed flooding or standing water near where the water drops off. While this may be a landscaping issue, your gutter repair company can help too. At K-Guard, our professional gutter installation team ensures proper drainage for every one of our units.


Replace your Gutter System

Sometimes gutter maintenance is too much, and people decide it’s time to replace their gutters. Chicago experiences a lot less rainfall in the summer months than in spring, so it’s the perfect time for a replacement gutter system. When replacing your gutters, it’s important to find a durable product that works for your home.

The K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutter System is the best gutter system on the market. K-Guard gutters are durable enough to withstand the most severe Chicago weather without sacrificing performance. Our gutters offer larger downspouts, are made with durable, high-quality aluminum, and come with a clog-free guarantee. For a free estimate on your new gutter system, contact K-Guard today!


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