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The K-Guard Gutter System

Durability, effectiveness, protection, and more are things you can expect from the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. As the leader in gutter protection, our complete gutter system uses innovative design and quality aluminum materials to effectively keep dirt, sticks, debris, and pests out. Everything from mounting your gutter system, its unique hood, and the downspouts maximize water flow away from your home. When compared to traditional gutter systems, K-Guard is the most effective option. 

A Full & Complete System

Unlike most gutter systems, K-Guard offers a complete gutter system to give your home the ultimate protection for your gutters. Our parts are made using heavy-duty aluminum, creating a whole system that works together to last a lifetime. Each piece in our system is carefully crafted to maximize efficiency: no more clogs, pests, debris, sagging, or pulling away from your home.

The Curved Hood

With K-Guard, get the clog-free gutters you want without the extra maintenance. Our innovative curved hood allows rain and meltwater to roll right into the gutter without hassle. Unlike other gutter covers that can collect leaves and dirt on top, our curved hood makes it easy for debris to slide right off. You keep your gutters safe and leaf-free, and you don’t have to get up and clean out your gutters.

Wider Gutters

Using wide 5” gutters, our K-Guard Leaf Free Gutters can manage over 22 inches of rain every hour without overflow or clogs. This allows more rain and meltwater to flow out and away from your home faster than a traditional open-top gutter system. Chicago sees severe thunderstorms and massive snowfall depending on the season, and you need a gutter system that can handle it all.

With wider gutters and more water, the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System eliminates “chokepoints.” These are places in your gutters with too tight of a corner, leading to overflow or drainage issues. To eliminate these, our gutter system is the only one that has 45-degree by 45-degree inside corners. This allows water to flow freely through the gutters faster without spilling over.

Larger Downspouts

When your gutters are wider, your downspouts have to be able to handle more too. That’s why K-Guard uses 4×3” downspouts. Traditional gutters use a 2×3” downspout, which leads to overflow and other issues if it can’t manage the amount of precipitation. Using larger downspouts with wider gutters allows our gutter system to drain more water away from your home, making K-Guard the most effective gutter system available.

Protect your Home with K-Guard

Without a high-functioning gutter system installed, your home can experience many issues: basement flooding, rotten wooden siding, roof leaks, damaged shingles, and even mold.

To protect your home from these issues, K-Guard installs our systems above the floodplain. Installing them here rather than to your fascia or roof stops your gutters from pulling away from your home. Since our gutters are secure, we eliminate the chances of water damage to your home.

For added measure, we install a rear-drainage channel in our units to allow multiple entry points for water into the gutter system. This keeps water from settling on the roof of your home and helps with proper drainage.

Backed by Lifetime Paint, No-Clog, & No-Pull Away Warranties

Every K-Guard system comes with our three lifetime warranties to keep your gutters looking and working as best as possible.

Lifetime Paint Warranty

Since the K-Guard system is made from heavy-duty aluminum, your gutters will stay looking brand new even years after installation. Our systems never corrode, meaning our paint never chips. Traditional top open gutters can chip over time and can be unsightly on your home. With our lifetime paint warranty, you get peace of mind knowing your gutters will last without losing their look.

No-Clog Warranty

What makes K-Guard the best gutter system on the market is our no-clog guarantee. We back this up with a lifetime warranty. No more cleaning out leaves and debris from your gutters regularly to keep them working. Our gutters will never clog, no matter the weather. We believe in our product so much that if they ever clog, for any reason, we’ll come out for maintenance or repairs at no cost to you.

No-Pull Away Warranty

K-Guard uses heavy-duty aluminum in each of our units, meaning it’s durable enough to withstand even the most severe weather conditions. This means your gutters stay securely in place on your home without pulling away or sagging. Our polymers fully support the entire gutter system, including the hood, so they keep working without you needing to worry.

Guaranteed Transferable

K-Guard is guaranteed transferable for the life of your home. Unlike traditional open-top gutters that have a much shorter lifespan, our gutter system will hold up no matter what. Whether this is your forever home, or you plan to one day sell, get comfort knowing your gutter system will look brand new for the life of your home.

K-Guard: Trusted Nationwide

Locally owned since 1996, the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System has been the preferred choice of gutter systems for homeowners across the nation. For over 25 years, K-Guard has prided itself on its quality, innovative design, professional excellence, and family values. Trust K-Guard to protect your home from rain, storms, snow, high winds, and more with the most effective gutter system out there.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Great service and great product. We installed KGuard in early fall. Their salesperson was very nice and professional and not pushy. He helped us find the right plan that fit us best. Overall we felt that it was a superior product to leaf guard. We would recommend to our friends and family.
– Marianne S. 
My wife and I enjoyed meeting with Roger, our representative from KGuard, as he was very informative and helpful with the decision making process. During installation day, the crews arrived on time with all their equipment, were efficient and clean, and respectful of our property. By the end of the day, my new gutters were up and looked quite nice.
– Jeff M. 
I am so excited for our new leaf free gutters system by Kguard Chicago! My husband had a close call cleaning the gutters this fall and we knew that we needed a real solution. Their lifetime warranty is unbeatable. When we financed and broke down the monthly payment we couldn’t believe how inexpensive it was. Our neighbors are already interested in having them come out.
– Richelle M.