How to Properly Spring Clean your Home

Springtime is finally upon us! Trees and flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and the weather is finally above freezing with the exception of a handful of overnight lows. Nothing feels quite as refreshing as the arrival of spring in the Chicago region, and with it, a fresh start.

Of course, springtime is a time for deep cleaning your home. We all feel a sudden urge to declutter and finally tackle that home project we’ve been meaning to do for quite some time. Deep cleaning the interior and exterior of your home is also most likely on your to-do list.

But how exactly should you deep clean your home? Follow our tips below for how to properly spring clean your home to get it ready for the next few months of warm weather!

Tip #1: Clean the Inside

If you’re like most people then you complete a routine cleaning of your home weekly, including sweeping, mopping, emptying the dishwasher, etc. To thoroughly clean the inside of your home this spring, ramp up your cleaning routine to include the following:

  • Sweep under hard-to-reach places like beds and furniture
  • Dust your entire home
  • Disinfect and deep clean bathrooms
  • Wash indoor rugs
  • Disinfect countertops
  • Deep clean your oven (both the surface and inside)

By following the deep cleaning routine above, your home is bound to feel squeaky clean. When your home is fresh and clean then you feel refreshed as well!

Tip #2: Prep the Outside

Just like the interior of our homes the exterior also needs a facelift come springtime. Our homes can look dingy after withstanding the harsh weather conditions that fall and winter bring. Flowers that were bright and in bloom during last summer have died or need trimming or may even need to be replaced. Leaves have collected in all sorts of places and things just appear a little dirty.

To bring the outside of your home to life again, follow these spring cleaning tips:

  • Pressure wash the exterior of your home
  • Pressure wash patios and decks
  • Replace broken or torn screens
  • Remove and replant plants and flowers that won’t bloom again
  • Sweep around entryways
  • Prep your grill by cleaning it with a mild detergent and water
  • Seed your lawn

Home exteriors are a reflection of how well you care for your entire home. A home’s exterior that is well taken care of keeps neighbors happy and can even attract potential homebuyers. Not only will everyone on your block be impressed by your deep cleaning, you’ll appreciate your hard work too. A clean exterior is so refreshing leading into the spring and summer months!

Tip #3: Clean or Replace Your Gutter System

April showers bring May flowers– that familiar saying that we all grew up with. It’s true – springtime is a rainy season here in the Chicago region and you’ll want your gutters to be working their best to properly drain rainwater away from your home. Gutter systems should always be cleaned in spring to prepare for impending heavy rainstorms.

Cleaning your gutter system starts with the gutters themselves. They can trap debris, mud and silt during the harsh fall and winter months we just endured and need a deep cleaning. Now that it’s springtime, they can also be a hotspot for birds to nest which can cause a whole slew of problems if you don’t clean them.

To tackle cleaning your gutters, start by wearing heavy duty gloves to protect your hands. Along with gloves, you’ll need a scoop, bucket, hose, and ladder to clean your gutters. The first step to cleaning your gutters is to remove any debris by flushing it out with a garden hose. Dirt, leaves, sticks, and other debris should come out easily. If you find it difficult to flush out debris, try changing the water pressure by switching the setting on the nozzle to a stronger one.

Next up are your downspouts. They can become clogged with all the debris we mentioned earlier, so cleaning them is crucial to your entire gutter system working properly this spring. If your downspout is clogged, take a plumber’s snake, and insert it into the corners where your gutter meets the downspout. From there you’ll be able to remove debris and leaves that may be causing the clog. Finally, flush out your downspout with your garden hose to further remove any debris that may be built up.

Is your gutter system still clogged? Is it not working properly? If you’ve tried the steps above and it’s still in rough shape then it’s time to replace the entire system. You will want a gutter system that performs its best, especially leading into the rainy season.

Springtime brings a lot of rain; according to the 2020 Old Farmers’ Almanac, our summer will be rainier than normal. Therefore, you’ll need to be prepared with a new gutter system to keep up with all the rain we’re expected to receive.

We suggest installing a  K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System to keep up with the heavy rains we’re about to get. Not only are our gutter systems the most cost saving on the market but they can handle heavy rainfall. In fact, our large 4”x3” downspouts can handle a minimum of 22 inches of rain per hour! Learn more about the benefits of installing K-Guard.

Our system truly cannot be beat and is the only gutter system in the Chicago region to use the most durable and corrosion-free aluminum for a leaf free gutter system. Now is the perfect time to get your gutter system ready for spring and summer. To receive a free estimate, call (224) 808-3078 or schedule an estimate online.

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