Preparing Your Home and Gutters for Fall


Fall is upon us! The kids are back in school, football season is off and running, and the leaves will create a canopy of color. But if you don’t have a K-Guard gutter system, now is the time to prepare your home and your gutters for fall. With the unpredictability of Chicago weather, take advantage of the time you have now because chilly days are on their way.

As the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, this is an ideal time to start preparing your home and gutters for fall. Great news for K-Guard owners: since the K-Guard leaf-free gutter system includes a hood that fully encloses your gutters, your maintenance is complete! For those that haven’t made the switch, where should you begin? Here’s a checklist as you prepare for the foliage to fall.

Prepare your home for fall leaves

Clean Out Your Gutters
If your home has the K-Guard gutter system, then you never have to clean your gutters again — ever! But with any other gutter system, maintenance is required. To get ready for fall, you’ll need to clean out your existing gutter system to make way for the onslaught of fall leaves and pine needles that are right around the corner.

In the gutter cleaning process, you’ll likely uncover quite a bit of debris in your gutters. This could include leaves from last fall, small limbs, and twigs. One way to approach this potentially daunting task is with a vacuum attachment or garden hose. Even filtered gutter covers can still allow debris through, so cleaning your gutters out is a must. You can also choose to hire a professional, but gutter cleaning fees really add up over time. No matter your approach, you’ll want to ensure that your gutters are fully clear and ready to take on the falling leaves!

Clear Away Debris from Your Downspouts
As you’re preparing your gutters, you want to make sure that the area near your downspouts is completely clean. Leaves and other debris may have collected in the areas near your downspouts, so make sure that you are clearing the way. While you are there, consider installing gutter extensions to allow water to flow even further away from your home is a great plus.

Remove Gutter Downspout Clogs 
Gutters themselves are not the only places in gutter systems where clogs can occur. Another common location where debris collects is in the downspouts. Especially in curved areas, downspouts are prime locations for mud and other elements to gather.

In order to properly clean these, you will need to disassemble the downspout, clear the clogs, then reassemble the system. Use online tutorials or call a local handyman to help you with this task if you feel unequipped. K-Guard owners, you’re off the hook. The K-Guard system comes with a clog-free guarantee — so you can have peace of mind as fall approaches.

Fix Damaged Gutters 
Throughout the entire process, you may uncover areas in need of repair. Even with gutter hoods, gutter guards or gutter covers, few systems stand up to the test of time. Make sure to check for damages in your gutter system. Keep an eye out for any of the following:

1. Cracks
2. Leaks
3. Holes
4. Missing hardware

If you encounter any of these, make it a priority to get repairs completed before the trees lose their leaves. Gutter repairs are challenging enough without autumn leaves in the way! For K-Guard system homeowners, you can take a deep breath: K-Guard owners enjoy our lifetime gutter warranty.

Remove Overhanging Limbs
As a result of the rainy spring and summer seasons, your tree limbs may have seen a growth spurt! For trees that grow close to your home, confirm that no limbs have started to hang over your roofline. If they have, cut these limbs away. For larger limbs, consult a tree trimmer.

One serious thunderstorm this fall is all it takes to cause those overhanging limbs to fall into your gutters — leaving debris (and leading to more maintenance) or, worse, taking the whole gutter system with them!

Repel Any Unwanted Visitors 
Cooler weather sends rodents into warmer shelters for the fall and winter. As fall arrives, mice, rats, squirrels and other rodents begin scouting out ideal nesting spots for winter — which includes your downspouts! Gutter hoods or gutter covers may not be enough. Spray and coat your gutters and downspouts with rodent repellent to ensure that no rodents use your gutter system as a hotel!

And for the critter-averse, K-Guard’s sealed design should keep your mind at ease. Even the most determined pests won’t be up to the challenge of calling a K-Guard system home.

Consider a Switch
If all this maintenance is a bit more than you bargained for this fall, consider making a switch! K-Guard leaf-free gutter system is an all-inclusive system with a seamless design and solid construction. Better yet, when you choose K-Guard, you’re choosing the best gutter covers with a maintenance-free guarantee.

Your fall should be focused on hayrides, bonfires, family and football — not on gutter maintenance. Contact K-Guard today for your free in-home estimate.

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