Why Do Houses Need Gutters?


Gutters play an essential role in keeping your home safe and secure from storms and the elements. Whether it’s a brand-new ranch-style or an older two-story, every home benefits from the protection gutters provide. Proper gutter installation is essential for prolonging the exterior and integrity of your home; however, not all homes come with gutters. 

Without gutters, your home can experience damages that can cost you thousands. Not only is not having gutters costly, but it can also be dangerous. Learn how your home can benefit from the seamless gutter installation services from the professionals at K-Guard Chicago.


Protect Your Roof with Gutters

Your gutters and roof work together to protect your home from storms, debris, and all forms of precipitation. Your roof funnels water into your gutters which then diverts it away from your home. Typically gutters push water about ten feet away from your home to keep it protected. Without a functioning gutter system, your roof would collect and hold water for much longer than it currently does, and drainage would be an issue.

If large amounts of water collect on top of your home for long periods, it can start to erode the shingles and prompt many other issues. One common issue is water damage to your roof and structural beams. Water getting into your house is almost always a big issue, and when it comes through your roof, it’s costly. Gutters help keep your roof lasting as long as possible by stopping any standing water from pooling.

Standing water on your roof also allows mold and mildew to begin growing between your shingles and in the wood supporting your roof. This can cause serious health problems and will need to be removed or replaced quickly.

Unlike traditional gutter companies, we install our K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutter Systems right above the floodplain. Rather than worrying about a faulty gutter pulling away from your home and causing damage to your roof, K-Guard stays soundly in place for the life of your home.


Stop Your Basement from Flooding

Proper gutters and downspouts push water away from your house to preserve your home’s structural integrity. There is often an additional ten feet of gutters to help displace the collected water far enough away from your home. We do this to keep your basement and lower levels of your home safe from floods.

Without a gutter system, water will pool up around your home’s foundation and entrances. With no gutter system to push the water away, it will eventually seep into the ground surrounding your home. Not only does this erode the soil, but it can damage your foundation and cause flooding in your basement.

Foundation issues to your home can be a serious and costly repair, but gutters help keep your home structurally sound. With a seamless gutter system from K-Guard, your home will be protected from a flooded basement caused by faulty or clogged gutters. We use larger gutters and downspouts to gather and displace more water than traditional gutter systems, keeping your home’s surroundings from collecting too much water.


Keep Your Landscape Nice

Not having gutters can affect your landscaping in a negative, and often costly, way. After heavy rain or precipitation, water would fall from your roof and pool around your home. Any plants and flowers would get over-watered and possibly even drown, depending on the amount of water.

Landscaping might seem like a primarily decorative aspect for your home, but it has a vital purpose. Gutters are meant to divert water away from your home, and good landscaping can help mitigate or eliminate any flooding. Effective landscaping that pushes water even further away than your gutters is beneficial to protecting your home. 

Installing gutters on your home is an easy and effective way to keep your landscaping looking beautiful and protect your home.


Gutters Protect Your Home’s Siding

If your house doesn’t have a gutter system installed, water gathers on the roof and eventually drains down the side of your home. Over time, water can gather in your siding and cause many serious issues, like siding stains, water damage, and mold. This can present both structural issues to your home and health problems to your family.

With gutters, your siding is protected from collecting water. As it drains from your roof, water is funneled into your gutters to flow away. If you have a K-Guard Seamless Gutter System, water will not be able to enter and damage your siding from your gutters.

Our system is made using durable, heavy-duty aluminum gutters for protection that lasts. K-Guard keeps your home’s siding protected without sacrificing performance. With our maintenance-free, seamless gutters and gutter installation team in Chicago, we keep your gutters properly sealed to keep water from entering your home.

Without a properly installed gutter system, your home is not fully protected from storms. If you need gutters installed on your home or are looking for a gutter replacement, K-Guard is the solution for you. Our gutters are maintenance-free and come with lifetime guarantees to protect your house from the most severe storms without worry.

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